Foundations of Excellence

First-Year Council Membership List

The First-Year Council is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the first year and for the assessment, monitoring, and reporting of specified first-year initiatives and learning outcomes. While this body is strategic in nature, it is understood that curriculum control is not granted to this body. Leadership of the Council resides jointly in the divisions of Academic Affairs and Students Affairs with appointments made by the Executive Vice President and Provost and the Vice President for Student Affairs in consultation with others as described below.

The Council meets once monthly or more frequently as needed. Given the collaborative structure of this body and the broad scope of its objectives, the Council will invite participation and input from a broad range of faculty, staff, and students in the achievement of its goals.

April Chatham-Carpenter, Co-Chair
Jon Buse, Co-Chair
Inez Murtha, Academic Learning Center & Diversity Council Representative
David Marchesani, Academic Advising
Jo Loonan, Admissions
Linda Corbin, College-based Academic Advising
Lyn Redington, Department of Residence
Kristin Woods, New Student Programs
Ken Brown, CBA Faculty College Representative
Lyn Countryman, COE Faculty College Representative
Pierre-Damien Mvuyekure, CHFA Faculty College Representative
Paul Shand, CNS Faculty College Representative
Linda Walsh, CSBS Faculty College Representative
Chris Neuhaus, Rod Library
Melissa Payne, Coordinator, Student Assistance/Outreach
Adam Haselhuhn, Student
Deirdre Heistad, LAC Director (ex-officio)
Donna Vinton, Director of Academic Assessment (ex-officio)