Scholarship FAQ's

Are scholarships renewable?

Renewal of University scholarships may require maintaining any or all of the following: minimum grade point average, financial need, major, Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)  and or annual completion and submission of the UNIversity Scholarship Application.  Refer to your letter of offer for specific renewal criteria. 

What is an outside or off-campus scholarship?

Scholarships that are awarded from local community, organizations, and other private sources are considered outside or off-campus scholarships. Students receiving scholarships from outside sources need to notify the Office of Student Financial Aid.

Why do I notify the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships an off-campus scholarship?

  • Federal regulations require that scholarship(s) be included in your financial aid package. Scholarships may reduce or replace a portion of your financial aid award. Loans are the first item to be adjusted on your financial aid award.

If I receive an off-campus scholarship, what do I do?

  • Notify the Office of Student Financial Aid of all scholarships you will be receiving. Scholarship amounts will be split equally between semesters.

  • Your scholarship checks are usually made out to you and to UNI. All scholarship check(s), co-payable or not, should be turned in to the Office of Student Financial Aid, Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0024.

  • Before submitting the scholarship check(s) to UNI, endorse and include your student number.

  • Submitting scholarship checks to the Office of Student Financial Aid by July 15 allows you to receive credit for the scholarship on your first fall university bill.

  • If a donor requires verification of enrollment, contact the Registrar's Office at (319) 273-2241. You may also go to MyUNIverse and print your class schedule if acceptable to the scholarship donor.

  • The University of Northern Iowa does not bill donors. If the donor of your scholarship requires notification of billing, you can go to MyUNIverse and print your billing history.

What procedures are suggested for scholarship donors?

  • Make check payable to the University of Northern Iowa. Include the student's name and UNI ID number on the memo line or with the accompanying letter.

  • If you'd like, you may click here for a donor form to print out and send to our office to accompany your scholarship check.

  • Consider your canceled check your receipt. If you or your organization needs verification of this credit to the student's account, you should ask the student to send you a copy of his/her billing history.

  • For scholarships to credit to the student's first bill for the fall semester, the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships should receive checks by July 15. For crediting of scholarships to the first spring semester bill, the checks should be received by December 1.

Why doesn't my scholarship show up on my u-bill?

  • Scholarships post to your bill after the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships receives the check. Scholarships credit your account in two parts - 1/2 to the fall semester and 1/2 to the spring semester.

  • Scholarships automatically credit your account when you're enrolled full time (12 hours if an undergraduate and 9 hours if a graduate student).

  • Make sure you have fulfilled all the requirements asked by your donor when you received the scholarship.

  • While waiting for your scholarship to credit your account, you are responsible for paying the balance due using other sources.

Should I thank my scholarship donor?

  • Absolutely, as soon as you receive notice of your scholarship award, you should write a thank-you note to your scholarship donor.

What happens to my scholarship if I withdraw from UNI?

  • If you withdraw from classes, the unused funds are returned to the donor. You will need to inform the donor of your future plans.