Establishing Credit

How to Start Establishing Credit While in College:


Check your credit report. You'll first want to see what, if anything, lenders are saying about you.


Establish checking and savings accounts. Here's a basic step that's sometimes overlooked by people seeking credit: lenders see bank accounts as a sign of stability.

Have Bills in Your Name. Did you know that if you are renting an apartment, having at least one of the utilities in your name will help build credit? If you have a cell phone, but your parents still pay for it, ask to have your name added to the account.


Piggyback on someone else's good credit. The fastest way to establish a credit history can be to "borrow" another's record, either by being added to a credit card as a joint account holder or by getting someone to co-sign a loan for you.


Apply for a Credit Card or a Secured Card. If you can't get a regular credit card, apply for the secured version. These require you to deposit money with a lender; your credit limit is usually equal to the deposit.