Financial Aid Overview for 2 + 2 Students

What is the UNI 2 + 2 Program?

If you’re thinking about changing jobs or careers, you can make a change AND stay in your home community. The UNI 2+2 program is for students who have family priorities and fixed job schedules. 2+2 students take two years of classes at their local community college and the equivalent of two years of UNI courses taught by UNI faculty at the community college or via distance education classes. 2+2 students earn a UNI bachelors degree. UNI partners with community colleges across Iowa to help educate students where they live.

Students who have completed a community college associates degree are eligible for the UNI 2+2 program. If this describes you, the first step right now is to register with 2+2 using this link to the UNI Admissions Office. This step will allow us to send you more information about 2+2. You can also check with your community college advisor for the on-location programs offered.

Am I eligible for financial aid?

Yes, 2+2 students are eligible to receive financial aid. Student wanting to receive financial aid must have completed a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at and have the results sent to the UNI Office of Student Financial Aid. When completing the FAFSA be sure to include the UNI school code: 001890. The FAFSA must be completed each year in order to receive federal financial aid.

Another factor affecting financial aid eligibility is that financial aid can only be awarded by one college per semester, 2+2 students are technically degree seeking students at UNI and thus will only be awarded by UNI. If financial aid was offered at another college a student will need to contact any other colleges and decline their aid.

Enrollment: Students must also be enrolled in at least 6 hours to qualify for Federal Direct Loans and work study. Full-time enrollment (12+ hours) is required for scholarships to credit toward your u-bill. Grants are pro-rated based on the number of hours the student is enrolled in.

Note: Summer financial aid is awarded based on the completed academic year’s FAFSA results. The UNI Office of Student Financial Aid will need the FAFSA results from the most recently completed academic year as well as a summer financial aid application (available mid-March at

How will I know when I’m awarded?

When each student’s FAFSA information has been received and processed, the student will be awarded a financial aid package. The financial aid award notification is located on MyUNIverse within the Finances tab. The overall award is based on your FAFSA results and the availability of aid at the time of awarding.

Verification: After UNI receives the FAFSA results, the Office of Student Financial Aid may request more information. If selected for verification the student will receive notification via their UNI email account. Students can also view “Information Requested by Financial Aid” within the Finances tab on MyUNIverse by clicking the “Information Requested by Financial Aid” link.

What types of financial aid am I eligible for?

Students enrolled in the 2+2 program are eligible to receive any of the four primary types of financial aid that UNI offers: grants, scholarships, loans, and student employment. Your award notification will have detailed information that provides a complete explanation of your award.

How do I accept my….?

SCHOLARSHIPS-Scholarships are automatically accepted for students as long as they are enrolled in full-time coursework (12+ hours). If a student plans not to be enrolled full-time they should contact their scholarship donor or the awarding office to inquire about an exception.

GRANTS-Grants awarded to the student are automatically accepted but will be pro-rated based on the students enrollment in a given semester.

STUDENT LOANS-Student loans now require students to actively accept the loans on their award notification. If you’re experiencing difficulty with accepting your loans please contact our office. To receive a student loan through the Direct Loan Program (Stafford Loans), students must complete the Master Promissory Note (MPN) and Entrance Counseling at

What happens with my financial aid if I am taking classes from UNI and another college?

Students are required to receive financial aid from only one institution at a time, with your aid being administered by the college that you will ultimately receive your degree from. If you continue to enroll in community college coursework once you have been admitted into a 2+2 program you may need to complete a consortium agreement through UNI to ensure proper disbursement of financial aid. The consortium agreement will allow UNI to account for both UNI credit hours and credits being taken simultaneously at the community college.

Click here for a consortium agreement. You may also schedule an appointment to complete a consortium agreement in our office by calling (319) 273-2700. If you have any questions about whether or not a consortium agreement is needed please refer to the checklist below or contact the UNI Office of Student Financial Aid.

If you answer yes to any of the following questions you may want to consider a consortium agreement.
-I’m enrolled at UNI in less than 6 hours.
-I have been awarded scholarships or grants that require full-time (12 hours) of enrollment.

Students would not have to complete a consortium agreement if they are:
-Enrolled in 12 hours or more exclusively at UNI
-Are enrolled in 6 hours or more AND only have loans as part of their award.
REMEMBER: A consortium agreement is unique to the semester for which it was done; therefore, a new consortium agreement must be completed for each semester that one is needed.

Summer Aid Eligibility

Summer Aid is based on aid left over from the fall and spring semesters. If you are planning on taking classes and want federal aid for summer, borrow wisely during the fall and spring semesters. Undergraduate students must be enrolled in a minimum of 5 credit hours for the summer. Graduate students must be enrolled in a minimum of 4 credit hours for summer. The amount of federal loans a student can borrow changes as a student changes classifications.

What happens if I have borrowed all of my federal aid?

If a student has borrowed all their federal aid from fall and spring, and is not a dependent student to be awarded parent plus loans, a private education loan may be needed to cover educational expenses. This is a loan a student must go out and apply for on their own and has nothing to do with the university.

What is MyUNIverse?

MyUNIverse is a personalized web portal designed to allow students easy access to university related information. The address is Some of the information that is available on MyUNIverse includes:

  • Grades

  • Class Schedule

  • E-Bill (ONLY available on MyUNIverse)

  • Financial Aid Award Notification

  • Common Scholarship Application

  • Degree Audit

  • Personal Information

  • …And much more

Who can I contact if I have questions about financial aid?

Renae Sue Carrillo
Office of Student Financial Aid Phone Number: (319) 273-2700
Office Email: