May 12-21, 2004
Innovative Instructional Strategies
and Educational Technology


Goal: To Provide instructors with innovative instructional using technology effectively to improve class presentations and active learning.

Phyllis Baker

Institues Leaders:
Keith Crew, Professor, Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology;
Marilyn Drury, Director of ITS Educational Technology

Description: The Roy J. Carver Trust is providing funding for an exciting three-year project to improve teaching and learning in the general education program. The initiative involves summer institutes for selected faculty UNI Carver Fellows that will provide the foundation for ongoing collaborative faculty learning communities. The project will promote the integration of technologically sophisticated learning strategies in our most highly enrolled courses, namely, the multi-section courses in the Liberal Arts Core.

Enhance student learning in the Liberal Arts Core through training for faculty in innovative instructional strategies and educational technology;
• Use technology to expand the introduction of more active learning including undergraduate research, collaborative teaming and discussion to students in introductory courses in various disciplines in the LAC;
• Create enduring interdisciplinary cultures that facilitate dialogue regarding teaching and learning among faculty who teach in the Liberal Arts Core.

Specifically, the project will provide two institutes each summer, beginning in Summer, 2004 and ending in Summer, 2006. We anticipate 120 faculty participants (20 in each of the six institutes), with appropriate follow-up activities to support the faculty communities that develop during each institute.

Since the focus of the institutes is to assist faculty to move forward in their use of innovative learning strategies and instructional technologies and to facilitate idea and resource sharing, the daily activities of the institutes will provide opportunities for:

• examination of ways that particular types of strategies and technology can compliment and supplement learning activities;
• group discussion focused on various readings and individual reflection;
• hands-on activities, demonstrations, small group instruction and practice.

Dates: May 12-21; 8:30 AM-12:30 PM, Monday-Friday


Sponsored by the Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust
and the
University of Northern Iowa