May 15-26, 2006
Fostering the Three C's: Creativity, Curiosity, and Critical Thinking
in the Liberal Arts Core


Goal: To help participants develop new perspectives for identifying and solving problems through the development of creativity, curiosity, and critial thinking skills.

Jeffrey Weld, Associate Professor, CNS
Institute Leaders
Gary Gute, Assistant Professor of Family Studies; Marilyn Drury, Director, ITS Educational Technology

: Learning environments can be characterized by the degree to which they help individuals develop new perspectives for identifying and solving problems. Such environments inspire curiosity, an attribute foundational to critical thought and common among successful learners. These Three C’s embody the over-arching goal of the Liberal Arts Core: recognizing the connectedness of things, developing the disposition to perceive reality as a whole, and seeing beyond disciplinary perspectives. The community of scholars selected for this institute will actively explore innovative teaching strategies and technology tools for helping learners develop creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking.
The faculty learning community established during this summer institute will be continued through four academic year meetings as well.

: May 15-26; 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM, Monday-Friday


Sponsored by the Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust
and the
University of Northern Iowa