Announcing the Third UNI Graduate College Carver Institute:

Visualizing Research:
An Interdisciplinary Workshop on Image Creation and Exhibition

May 19-30, 2008

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Institute Leaders:
Dr. Bettina Fabos, Assistant Professor, Communication Studies
Marilyn Drury, Director, ITS Educational Technology

Dr. Victoria DeFrancisco, Interim Associate Dean and Professor, Graduate College


The 2008 Carver Graduate Education Summer Institute will prepare UNI Graduate Faculty to communicate their ideas in visual form. Participants will explore the growing significance of visual culture and investigate the overwhelming opportunities of Web 2.0 for finding and sharing visual data. Discussions will focus on the significance of the “networked public sphere”; the past, present and future of the nonprofit digital archiving movement; and the critical copyright debates regarding visual and audio production, including fair use practices, the Creative Commons, and the implications these debates have for academic research. Participants will view inspiring examples of visualized research; visit and discuss numerous digital archives, noncommercial archives, and commercial image repositories; learn how to scan their own materials; and discover where to search online for digital photos that complement their research.

The Institute also has a significant hands-on component: Participants will work with some key multimedia software to put their research in visual form, and learn how and where to publish their visual research online. The Institute will be a truly interdisciplinary enterprise that can benefit all fields of research and creative activity. Graduate Faculty learning these digital skills will be able to teach them to their graduate students, who can then take on visual initiatives of their own.

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Monday, May 19: 8:30-1:00;
Tuesday, May 20: 8:30-1:00;
Wednesday, May 21: 8:30-5:30;
Thursday, May 22: 8:30-1:00;
Friday, May 23: 8:30-1:00;

Tuesday, May 27: 8:30-1:00;
Wednesday, May 28: 8:30-5:30;
Thursday, May 29: 8:30-1:00.

Enhancing the Quality of Graduate Education
at the University of Northern Iowa

This institute is a part of a three-year grant to the Graduate College from the Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust titled "Enhancing The Quality of Graduate Education at the University of Northern Iowa." The purpose of this initiative is to establish an enduring and intentional Graduate community across the university; bringing together graduate faculty and students to promote intellectual communication, learn from each other, share instructional technology tools and methods, and develop new ideas for interdisciplinary teaching and research. The grant supports summer institutes and subsequent research projects and classroom activities for graduate faculty (and their students) who work together with institute leaders and the Center for Educational Technology staff throughout the year.


Sponsored by the Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust
and the
University of Northern Iowa

Mon, May 19th Session 1 Institute, Carver intro; communication; visualization;food fights
  Session 2 Cynthia Coulter, Rod Library
  Session 3 Various video examples; discussion of Lessig's Free Culture; copyright

Wed, May 21st Session 1 Flash; Copyright

Thurs, May 22nd Session 1 More Flash and Soundslides examples; image viewing
  Session 2

Soundslides examples; more image viewing options

  Session 3 Youtube, Flickr, the Google empire

Fri, May 23rd Session 1 Digital Archiving; Digital Libraries; University Archives; Merlot
  Session 2 Scanning; Color Theory; Videography

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