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Office of Compliance and Equity Management

A Message from President Ruud

President Bill Ruud

The University of Northern Iowa is strongly committed to maintaining a culture of ethical behavior, integrity, respect, trust and civility. The university is dedicated to the principles of non-discrimination and equal opportunity in all that we do including employment and educational matters. 

Our Office of Compliance and Equity Management helps enhance the campus culture by integrating our equal opportunity, affirmative action, accountability and compliance processes. Our programs and procedures are in place to advance the university’s commitment to a diversity of people, ideas, approaches and cultures. 

The university welcomes the opportunity and responsibility to support a campus community that not only complies with federal and state laws and guidelines concerning civil rights, non-discrimination and affirmative action, but also works hard to do the right things. It’s through our commitment to those priorities that we continue toward our vision of being the leader among the nation’s finest public comprehensive universities and THE Comprehensive Regional University for Iowa!

Bill Ruud