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Rights and Privileges Granted to Emeritus/a by the University of Northern Iowa 

1.                  For all emeriti/ae Faculty, the title, "Professor Emeritus/a," regardless of previous rank. 

2.                  For individuals retiring from Professional and Scientific positions, upon request, an appropriate administrative emeritus title (e.g., Director Emeritus/a). 

3.                  Continuing notification after retirement regarding important developments and changes affecting emeriti/ae interests or relations with the University. 

4.                  A University Identification Card indicating emeritus/a status. 

5.                  Listing in University catalogs and telephone books, including electronic telephone books. 

6.                  Listing in appropriate campus/home/web page directories. 

7.                  Library privileges, including photo duplication.* 

8.                  Use of audio-visual equipment, media, and production services offered by  the Educational Technology Center. Fees may or may not be assessed according to the normal fee-schedule.  For personal use, fees will be assessed according to the normal fee-schedule. 

9.                  Free parking privileges in all A, B, or C parking lots (one "E" sticker).* 

10.             Use of University recreational and social facilities, subject to usual fees, including the University Wellness Center.* 

11.             Attendance at campus events open to University employees.* 

12.             Receipt of specified campus publications (e.g., The Northern Iowan Today) and sources of information.* 

13.             Invitation to participate in public ceremonies, commencement, processions, and convocations. 

14.             Use of a University mailing address. 

15.             Attendance at faculty meetings. 

16.             Opportunity to audit University courses tuition free, contingent upon available space and instructor approval. On the first day of class, emeriti/ae shall obtain from the registrar a Visitor Emeritus/a Card.  (No formal registration or official record will be required; individuals will be responsible for any departmental laboratory or materials fees.) 

With due precedence given to the requirements of current University Faculty and Professional and Scientific staff members, emeritus/a are eligible for: 

1.                    Office space and normal office fixtures. 

2.                    Work study student assistance. 

3.                    Use of laboratory, word processing and computer services to include the facilities of the University Information Technology Services and, specifically, the assignment of a University e-mail address and provision of dial-up or networked access to the World Wide Web and the Internet. 

4.                    Assistance in defraying costs incurred in travel to present papers at professional meetings. 

5.                    Service on master's and doctoral committees, and on ad hoc committees appointed by various units of the University. 

6.                    Service in a variety of consultant or advisory capacities to various units of the University. 

7.                    Nominal institutional support for professional proposals submitted to funding agencies. 

8.                    Participation in appropriate campus seminars, colloquia, lectures and other scholarly meetings. 

9.                    Assignment to individual faculty studies in the University library. 

10.               Part-time professional employment consistent with policies of the University. 

Emeritus/a who are age 55 at the time of leaving UNI employment may also be eligible for retirement benefits. For further information please see: Benefit Information and then click on "Retirement" and then “Retirement Benefits Checklist.” (Quick link here.)

* Includes emeritus/a spouses and domestic partners.

Approved by Emeritus Advisory Council, April 2, 2003
Approved by University Cabinet, April 21, 2003

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