Welcome to Eric Lukens's website! I am one of a handful of people focused on securing campus electronic systems. I work in Information Security, but we are also commonly know as the "Security Office" as we went by that name under the old IT structure at UNI. We provide assistance and information to all members of the UNI community in making computing more secure. My title here is "IT Security Compliance and Policy Analyst" which is slightly shorter than my previous title of "IT Security Policy and Risk Assessment Analyst," which was so long that it did not fit into the "Title" field of our databases.

The primary purpose of this small website is to provide a little more information than would fit in the signature of an email. Occasionally some of the site's secret areas may be used to share files. OK, they are not real secrets, just fun stuff like this collection of pictures of a large frontend loader destroying G4 iMacs.

For more information on the security office, see our website. As I feel necessary, I will post information to my blog about anything relating to my job here at UNI, and possibly other stuff as well.