Dr. Thomas A. Hockey

Professor of Astronomy
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Latham 112
Ph. D. Interdisciplinary (Astronomy, History & Philosophy) (1988), New Mexico State University
M. S. Astronomy (1985), New Mexico State University
M. A. Secondary Education - Physics, Mathematics (1982), New Mexico State University
B. S. Planetary Science (1980), Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Research Interests: 

Studing the history of planetary astronomy in light of the modern search for planets orbiting other stars as well as the astronomy of solar eclipses and comets, and the archeoastronomy of pre-historic peoples.


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Astronomy Education Review, Editor-in-Chief

Past Chair, Historical Astronomy Division, American Astronomical Society

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A Timeline of Astronomers and Cosmologists

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20 Reasons Why Pluto Should No Longer Be A Planet
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