Dr. Chad E. Heinzel

Associate Professor of Geology
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Latham 116
Ph. D. Geology and Environmental Geosciences (2005), Northern Illinois University
M. S. Geological Sciences (2000), University of Minnesota-Duluth
B. S. Geological Sciences (1997), University of Iowa
Research Interests: 

Integrate techniques from geology, geography, and archaeology to investigate possible environmental and anthropogenic influences on the socio-economic development of indigenous populations in locations such as Sicily, the Great Plains of the US, and the Rocky Mountains.
Investigate Quaternary mapping and stratigraphy defined within a geographic information system in upland and alpine regions.
Makes use of data from a wide range of disciplines including soil development, pollen, artifacts, and isotropic variability which provides a windown into a regions physical development. Data is also used to interpret availability of natural resources through time and the environmental controls placed on developing societies.
Examining innovative and effective ways of incorporating new technologies (GIS) into the classroom.

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