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Planning Guide


Contact David Schmid with Conference Services for the Department of Residence, (319) 273-7894, toll free 1-866-207-9411.

  • Initial contacts for summer meetings should be made in January, February and March. If space is available, smaller groups may be scheduled later than March.
  • When you have made decisions about conference dates, group size, housing needs, registration times, etc. use the online conference planning form
  • The conference planning form information will be used to create a contract. This contract will be mailed to you for your signature. Your signature on the contract indicates your agreement to comply with our housing guidelines.
  • When the contract is signed, space is reserved and the Department of Residence will be prepared to meet the needs of your group.
  • Housing cost includes room keys, bed linens, towels, soap and a cup. Rooms are locked with keys. Guests in the halls share a restroom and shower rooms. The restrooms are cleaned on all weekdays.
  • The conference office in Dancer Hall is open to meet guests' needs for information and access to services.
  • The residence hall check-in period should not exceed one hour; organized group activities should begin within 30 minutes of the scheduled end of registration.
  • Air conditioned space is limited. Please contact the Summer Conference Coordinator, David Schmid, to discuss available options.


Housing Rates for Summer 2014 Conferences

(proposed rates)

Room Type          Per Person with Linen
Non Air Conditioned Double
(Dancer / Bender Halls)
Non Air Conditioned Single
(Dancer / Bender Halls)
Air Conditioned Double
(Dancer Hall - # Limited)
Air Conditioned Single
(Dancer Hall - # Limited)
ROTH Double (Adults Only)   $21.00
ROTH Single (Adults Only)   $29.00
Panther Village Single
(Adults Only - # Limited)

Conference Meal Rates for 2014

Daily Rate Ages 12 and over
Conference Rate
Ages 12 and Over
Cash Rate (if individual meals purchased)
Breakfast $5.00 $8.00
Lunch $8.00 $9.95
Dinner $8.00 $9.95
Total per day $21.00 $27.90

  • The conference rate is available to guests who stay with the department of residence in housing and eat all consecutive meals.  The cash rates will apply for all other meals including any walk-ins or individual meals.
  • Meals through UNI Dining will be required for conference groups staying in Department of Residence facilities Monday breakfast – Friday lunch.
  • Catering packages will be available for Friday dinner through Sunday when meals are not offered in the Rialto.
  • The Rialto dining center will be open only between June 9 and July 15, 2014.



 When you register your group, you will be able to select additional services.  These services are as follows:
Internet Access—$10 per computer for up to two weeks of access or $20 per month.  Access must be set up prior to arrival through on-line forms that will be available.
WRC Admission—$5 for one admission or $15 for unlimited week of admissions.  Guests must go to the WRC office during office hours to set up admission and requests must be made prior to group arrival.
Parking Passes—While groups are still expected to coordinate parking arrangements prior to arrival, individual passes will be available at the conference office for purchase—$10.00 per week for a C Permit.  Passes allow parking in both C and CP lots.
Linen—A linen packet is included with each room for up to one week's use.  If fresh linen is requested more than weekly, a $4 per week rate will be assessed.