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Welcome to Cedar Falls, Iowa! Enjoy a good night's rest in the UNI residence halls during your overnight stop on Wednesday, July 22, 2015.

RAGBRAI participants can enjoy the convenience and affordability of staying on campus in one of our centrally-located residence halls, as well as the option to enjoy a generous meal in one of our award-winning dining centers.

Program Resources

Below you will find available resources from the many programs offered throughout the RA Conference.  Please feel free to utilize these resources for your reference.  It is strongly encouraged that if you share or utilize these resources that you provide appropriate credit in future presentations or sharing of these materials.

Stay on campus this summer!

Questions and answers about summer housing

Which halls will be open for summer?
ROTH and Panther Village will be open for summer occupancy. If demand exceeds supply in ROTH and Panther Village, Shull will also be open with window air conditioning units.

Is on-campus housing available to students who currently live off campus?

Stay cool and protect yourself risks associated with extreme heat

Tips to manage the August heat while living on campus:

  • Allow plenty of time to get to classes so you are not rushed.
  • Enjoy the air conditioning in residence house lounges, hall lounges, computer labs, recreation rooms and dining centers.  This is part of your living space as a member of your hall and the on-campus community.  Rod Library, Maucker Union, and the Wellness and Recreation Center are also places to hang out in air-conditioned comfort.


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