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A Healthy Eating Lifestyle

Eating at the dining center is one of the greatest parts of college life! Who doesn’t love to have their food made for them, have so many choices, and eat as much as they want?
While this is truly awesome, college life can be stressful and should be accompanied with a healthy lifestyle.

Maybe now you are thinking about a diet? This however, might be healthy over a smaller period of time, but will eventually come to an end.

Meal Plans & Dining Dollars

Enjoy the convenience of eating on campus. No shopping, cooking or clean up. Save time by staying on campus...and don't lose your parking space!

All-Access Meal Plans

Come and go as many times each day as you wish! Eat as little or as much as you want to!
Required for first-year students living on campus, optional for all other students living on or off campus. Available for use at Piazza in Redeker Center and Rialto in Towers Center.

Conference Dining

Meals and Dining Hours

Summer 2014 conference guests will be eating at the Rialto Dining Center in the Towers Center. Guests eat with a conference meal plan, and are issued a dining card at registration. Conference groups staying in the residence halls are required to purchase a full meal plan for the time that they are here.

Conference Rates and Cash Rates.


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