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On-Campus Benefits


Top reasons for living on-campus!

Get better grades

Students who live on campus do better academically. You're more likely to take more academic credits and earn a higher grade point.


Students who live on campus are more likely to graduate. Add to the factors contributing to your success - live on campus!

Make friends and feel connected

You'll meet more people - guaranteed. Friendships formed will last a lifetime. Plus, friends will be close by, for studying and just hanging out.

Avoid money hassles

By living on campus, you'll avoid extra utility bills, rent security deposits, expensive trips to the grocery store and chasing down roommates for their part of the rent.

Build leadership skills

Take advantage of activities and organizations, such as residence hall events, student government, intramural sports and campus clubs.

Make college life easier

Enjoy the convenience of being closer to classes, the union, library, computer labs, lots of good places to eat, rec facilities and tons of events.