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Spring Semester: Students will reserve their on-campus homes for 2014-15

Spring Semester: Students will reserve their on-campus homes for 2014-15

Current residents will begin selecting their on-campus home for next fall early in the semester.  Students who intend to stay in their same room may reserve that space online January 17-21.  They have until January 26 to select a roommate and enter the roommate choice on their online contract.

Beginning January 27, students can select any available space on campus. This is known as Panther Priority selection and includes reserving residence hall rooms, apartments and suites.  Each resident has a Panther Priority date, the date when they can enter the system and reserve a room.  The Panther Priority date is based on the student’s first year contract date, also known as the original contract date.  Panther Priority selection continues for a month.  The available inventory changes daily.

February 28 is an important date because it is the final date that students can request CP parking in parking lots next to residence halls for the 2014-15 academic year.  This is a privilege reserved for sophomores, juniors and seniors.

Posters, personalized postcards and e-mail will be used to communicate the recontracting process and important dates.  Resident Assistants, Residence Life Coordinators and Hall Secretaries are well prepared to answer students’ questions.  Questions are also welcome at the Department of Residence office in Redeker Center: (319) 273-2333 or toll free 1-866-207-9411.

The recontracting website includes answers to frequently asked questions, a summary of room types and halls; a link to the contract page and the recontracting calendar.

Students living off-campus are welcome to join on-campus communities and gain the social and academic advantages of living on campus.  The average grade point for freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors is higher for students who are living on campus.  Progress toward graduation is also greater for on-campus students who live on campus for at least 2 years.  The greatest drop-off in persistence toward graduation is found in the student population who lived on campus for the first year and moved off campus the second year.
The 2-Year Advantage plan may be selected for 2014-16 during the upcoming recontracting season.  The 2-Year Advantage features a rate freeze for two years.

Important recontracting dates:
Friday, January 17: Select your same room before January 21.  After midnight January 21, unreserved rooms are released as available space
Wednesday, January 22: Students staying in their rooms select roommates before January 26.
Monday, January 27: Panther Priority selection opens for an available space
Friday, February 28: Final date to request CP parking
Friday, May 9: Recontracting ends at 5 p.m.