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Meal flexibility with ToGo

Meal flexibility with ToGo

ToGo is an expanded dining carry-out service that is accepted at both the Rialto and the Piazza.  The re-usable clamshell containers and flatware provided, will take carry-out options to a new level while eliminating disposable carry-out packaging.  Clamshells are distributed through Biscotti’s at Redeker Center for $5. 

Here is how it works:

  1. Exchange your used clamshell and flatware at the greeters’ stations at Rialto or Piazza and pick up a clean clamshell.
  2. Use a FlexMeal to use the ToGo option. Leave your ID at the greeter's station.
  3. Choose your food. You may select from all the dining options available in the dining center.
    • The only restriction is the clamshell lid must close.
  4. Exit the dining center through the same greeter’s station and retrieve your ID card; and pick up clean flatware.

“The new carry-out service adds value to the meal plan,” said Carol Fletcher, assistant director of residential dining services. “Though carry-out will continue as a popular option, we expect most students to dine in the dining center, especially now that the hours are extended.” The new extended dining schedule mean the dining centers are available from 7:15 a.m. – 9:45 p.m. with the exception of five 15-minute re-set periods when they will be closed.“This is a year of exciting changes for dining services.  We have several hundred additional students in on-campus communities on the south side of campus.  And the majority of students in Panther Village selected an optional meal plan,” Fletcher said.