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Senate Constitutions


University of Northern Iowa
Department of Residence
______ Hall
Constitution & By-laws
 Section A:                Hall Senate serves ______ residents at the University of Northern Iowa.
Section A: This organization is affiliated with the Residence Hall Association and derives its power from the Department of Residence. 
Section A: Act as a forum for leadership development.
Section B: Promote a positive and healthy on-campus living environment for constituents through programming and hall improvements. 
Section C: Provide the UNI Department of Residence with representative input on issues regarding on-campus life.
Section D: Perform financial maintenance tasks, such as determining allocation of Residence Hall Activities fee distribution between houses and senate. 
Section E: Strengthens members’ leadership skills and increases their ability to be effective in their roles.
Section A: Members
1.       Executive Board: President, Secretary, Treasurer, and three RHA representatives
2.       Executive Board members maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.25
3.       Senators: designated house representatives
4.       Abide by all University and Department of Residence rules and regulations
5.       Be a model of personal integrity
6.       Follow behavioral expectations and understand that being documented during tenure may jeopardize your position and is up to the advisors discretion.
Section B: President:
1.       Serves for current academic year, although eligible for re-election
2.       Meets at least bi-weekly with advisor to establish agenda for next executive meeting
3.       Leads meetings of the executives
4.       Participates regularly (or appoints a proxy to do same) at Residence Hall Association meetings
5.       Assists the senate advisor in leading a senate goal-setting retreat during the first month of each semester
6.       Appoints (and removes, as necessary) ad hoc team leaders
7.       Acts as Election Commissioner, if not running for office the following year, or appoint one
8.       Enforces attendance policies
Section C: Secretary:
1.       Serves for current academic year, although eligible for re-election
2.       Records and disseminates all minutes
3.       Contributes to senate and executive meetings
4.       Records the attendance of members
5.       Serves in other leadership capacities, as directed by the president
Section D: Treasurer:
1.       Serves for current academic year, although eligible for re-election
2.       Maintains timely, accurate records of financial activities of the senate and of the houses
3.       Meets regularly with hall staff member in charge of record keeping as determined by the advisor
4.       Contributes to executive and senate meetings
5.       Reports at least once every month on the financial status of the senate and houses
6.       Serves in other leadership capacities, as directed by the president
Section E: Residence Hall Association (RHA) Representatives:
1.       Serve for current academic year, although eligible for re-election
2.       Report at each senate meeting on the events being planned by RHA
3.       Participate regularly (or appoint proxies to do the same)  at all RHA and committee meetings
4.       Contribute to executive and senate meetings
5.       Serve in other leadership capacities, as directed by the president
Section F: Senators:
1.       Within two weeks of the first day of classes of each semester, each house will elect/appoint an unlimited number of senators, to serve for that semester
2.       Each RA will provide house senators’ contact information to the senate secretary
3.       Contribute to senate meetings
4.       Serve on committees
5.       Communicate senate business and promote senate activities to house residents
 Section A: Elections for executives—president, secretary, treasurer and Residence Hall Association representatives—occur hall-wide, during the spring semester, in accordance with timelines established by the Residence Hall Association.
Section B: The senate advisor fills president vacancies, pending a two-thirds (2/3) confirmation vote of the senate at an official meeting. If necessary the advisor appoints an interim president to preside at meetings.
Section C: The senate president fills secretary, treasurer and Residence Hall Association representatives vacancies by appointment, pending a two-thirds (2/3) confirmation vote of the senate at an official meeting in conjunction with the advisor.
Section D: Each Resident Assistant fills senator vacancies through house elections.
Section A: A quorum consists of at least one-third (1/3) of voting members.  
Section B: Voting will follow the Voting Procedures and Guidelines.
 Section A: Formal complaint(s) against any member may be presented to the senate advisor by another member at any time, provided that the complaint is presented in writing before any action is taken.
Section B: Causes for formal complaint(s) include failure to fulfill the duties of office, abuse of powers of office, misrepresentation of senate, improper use of senate monies, or any other actions not in keeping with the expectations of a senate member or executive. The advisor is charged with determining the appropriate action to be taken as result of the complaint(s). Their options are: removal from office, resignation, public censure, or no action.
Section C: The advisor will inform the complainant if it there is no action taken. In all other cases the decision will be made public.
 Section A: Changes to this constitution, proposed by individual hall senates or the Residence Hall Association, require a three-fourths (3/4) majority of RHA to be adopted.
Section B: By-laws to this constitution require a three-fourths (3/4) majority of senate to be adopted.  By-laws may not conflict with this constitution.   
 Section A: Repeated absences at senate and/or committee meetings will result in the secretary notifying the advisor, so immediate action can be taken to remedy the situation.
 Section A: Meetings are held approximately every two weeks throughout the academic year.
Section B: Special meetings may be called by the president as needed, with 24-hour notice to members.
Section A: The split of Residence Hall Activity Fee funds between houses and senate is determined at the first meeting of each semester.