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  • Give it frequently – the more the better!
  • It must be varied – be creative, have fun!
  • It must be honest – maintain your credibility
  • It should be appropriate to the achievement – small deeds, small effort, small recognition.  Big deeds, big time and money, bigger recognition.
  • It should be given to the person – recognize the person, not the work
  • It should be consistent – be fair to everyone
  • It must be timely – if it is too late it loses meaning
  • It should be individualized – be up close and personal
  • Reward what you want more of – reinforce the positive
  • Give it or else – if you don’t recognize their efforts, someone else will

The Five Senses

  1. Sight – smiling, signs, balloons, certificates hung on a door
  2. Taste – candy, home-baked goods, dinner on the town, mocktails
  3. Hearing – saying thank you, applause, a CD of songs recognizing the accomplishments
  4. Touch – a card they can hold in their hand, house awards that they carry back with them to their room
  5. Smell – roses (I realize this fits in almost all other areas, but I am stretching here!)