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Facility Repair Request


Please follow these instructions for completing a repair request for your residence hall room.
After you've read the instructions thoroughly, go to the Repair Request Portal. You will need to enter a Submittal Password, which is panthers.

1) Once you've opened the portal, enter your UNI e-mail into the field and hit submit.

2) If this is the first time you've used the portal, you'll be asked to fill out your first and last name. Once done, hit submit.

3) Next, you'll see the screen where you will enter your location information and repair request (see below for an example). Be sure to fill out all required fields, indicated by a red checked box next to the name of the field. 
  • For your required phone number, please enter the number you can easily be reached at, such as your cell phone. Also, be sure to be thorough on your request description!
  • On step five of this page, you will need to enter a "Submittal Password", which is panthers.

For more examples, view our screenshot document.