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Meal Plans


How do I get the most out of my meal plan?

To get the most value from your meal plan, the Rialto and Piazza are open from 7:15 AM - 9:45 PM Monday through Thursday with a few 15 minute breaks and slightly less hours on the Friday and the weekend.  It's all about you!  Click on Meal Plan Options to the left in order to see the different plans from which you can choose.

Need to eat on the run?

When you can't sit down for a meal, you can also stop by Piazza or Rialto to use the ToGo carryout.

Not feeling well?

We're happy to provide a light meal consisting of broth, gelatin, juice and ice cream. Just send your ID card with a friend and we'll prepare the tray. For other special food arrangements, please contact DOR Office at 319-273-2333 and ask to speak with the Assistant Director of Dining, the Piazza Manager or the Rialto Manager.

What are Dining Dollars?

Dining Dollars are part of many meal plans. They can also be purchased by students or staff. Dining Dollars may be charged to the university bill. Your u-card is needed to access Dining Dollars.

  • Accepted at 23rd Street Market, Biscotti's, Apple Cart, Commodities, Crunch Break, Maucker Union, Rialto and Piazza
  • Used only for food and beverage purchases
  • Can be used at Rialto and Piazza to pay for a guest's or your own meal.
  • Additional Dining Dollars may be purchased online or at any of the dining operations.
  • Dining Dollar balances are available at any time by asking a cashier in a dining operation.

Dining Dollars are not intended to replace a meal plan or to provide a refund for any meal students may miss on a meal plan. Dining Dollars are non-transferable, saleable or refundable. If you cancel your meal plan, you will be charged for dining dollars you have used. Dining Dollar balances left at the end of the fall semester will carry over to spring semester. Dining Dollar balances left at the end of the spring semester will not carry over or be refunded.

What Are Meal Deals?

Meal deals are a specified number of meals (20, 60 or 100) which can be used at Rialto and Piazza when these facilities are open. Meal deals can be purchased on-line at any time by students and staff. Meal deals can be charged to the university bill.

  • Meals Deal meals may be used by you or your guest.
  • Meals Deals can be used to eat at Rialto or Piazza or can be used for a ToGo carryout.
  • Meals carry over from time of purchase to the end of the academic year.
  • Multiple meal deals may be purchased throughout the year.
  • Meal deals are non-transferable, saleable or refundable.
  • Meal deal meals left at the end of the academic year (spring semester) will not carry over or be refunded.

How can I change my meal plan?

Students living in the residence halls are required to have a meal plan, with the exception of students living in ROTH.

Meal plans may be changed one time each semester prior to September 15 and February 1 for fall and spring semesters, respectively, and will result in a billing adjustment and a change in Dining Dollars.  This can be done by either going to MyUNIverse under the Life @ UNI tab then in the Living on Campus section or to the Department of Residence office in Redeker Center.

If you cancel a meal plan or change to a meal plan without Dining Dollars, you are billed for the Dining Dollars used in addition to the weekly meal rate prorated for the time you had a meal plan.

If you change your meal plan, Dining Dollars change to the level provided on the new plan, but adjusted for any amount used prior to the change. If prior to the meal plan change, you used more Dining Dollars than the new plan provides, you will be billed for the amount of Dining Dollars used above the level of the new plan.

Students moving off campus need to sign an off-campus contract if they wish to retain a meal plan.

Changes and cancellations in meal plans become effective on the Friday afternoon following the request for a change.

Can I get a refund for missed meals?

A meal plan holder who has a prolonged absence (minimum of seven consecutive days) due to illness or other unavoidable conflict may qualify for a meal adjustment credit. Arrangements for the credit should be made with the Assistant Director for Residential Dining at the Department of Residence upon returning to campus.