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Hugs from Home


Just Because: I miss you. Thank you. Good luck! Congratulations! You made it! We're so proud of you! Hang in there!

Just Because

Say it all with this popular reusable snack bowl packed with a half dozen cookies, banana bread or pumpkin bread, bottled water, Starburst fruit chews, two candy bars, microwave popcorn, granola bar, crackers, Chex Mix and Gum. The bounty of this gift will definitely make a statement for you! There is enough snack food to last a week (or 10 minutes with friends)!


Feel Good Goodies: "Get well soon!" Let this generous package of comfort foods provide a pick-me-up when you can't be there. (If your student isn't well enough to go to class, let us know and we'll deliver this to any *on campus address.)

Feel Good Goodies

This soothing package features orange juice, Sierra Mist, bottled water, two cans of chicken noodle soup, saltine crackers, fresh fruit, cough drops, tissues and three cookies. It's all packed in a handy re-usable storage basket that will be an ongoing reminder of your thoughtfulness.

On-Campus Delivery (Add $5.00)


Birthday Bundle: Throw a party long distance! If you've had a part in the past birthday celebrations, be there this time too! Your student will be thrilled to have the birthday fixin's all ready for an impromptu celebration with college friends.

Birthday Bundle

You can make it memorable by ordering this party pack which includes a personalized birthday cake, a two-liter bottle of pop, microwave popcorn, paper plates, cups, napkins and forks AND a $5 gift certificate to be used on campus. You haven't lost your touch and the miles haven't made you forget a special day!

Choose from chocolate, white, or marble cake.


Snack Attack: This pack will satisfy the "munchies" for anyone. It has snacks that work anytime of the day or night while studying, watching a favorite show, or chatting with friends.

Snack Attack

There is sure to be a favorite in this package. A box of Chicken in a Biskit, Nabisco Easy Cheese, a two liter bottle of pop, Frito Lay Restaurant Style Salsa, Frito Lay Scoops and a Beef Stick. This will definitely fulfill that afternoon or evening "snack attack."


Chocolate Lovers: Surprise someone with the gift of chocolate. Here is the perfect treat for those who love chocolate or for those who just have those chocolate cravings!!

Chocolate Lovers

This bundle of goodies is packed with lots of chocolate with the following items: Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate, Northern Iowa Mug, Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino, Hershey's Kisses, 3 Chocolate Chip Cookies, A Chocolate Chip Muffin, Butterfinger Popcorn and a King Size Reese's Candy Bar.


Spring Break/ Missing You/ Keep in Touch

Spring Break

This is a great package to send to someone you are missing. It has all the items to help that person "keep in touch" with a disposable camera, a $5 phone card, Hershey's Kisses, and a half dozen cookies.


Happy and Healthy: Here is a great pack to send to those who are watching what they eat and counting those calories. This one can be sent anytime of the year with choices that anyone will love.

Happy and Healthy

This pack contains: Frito Lay Pretzels, Fisher Sunflower Seeds, Twizzlers, Planters Trailmix, Nutri Grain Bar, one pack of gum, a bottle of Juicy Juice, Nature Valley Granola Bar, Nabisco Wheat Thins, Snappy Lite Popcorn and a piece of fruit.


Party Cookie: Here is a great package to send to someone to let them know you are thinking of them.

Party Cookie

Personalize the cookie with Happy Birthday, Get Well Soon, Thinking of You or your creative message. This package contains: Large Chocolate Chip cookie (approx 12” diameter), 2 Large boxes of Mike & Ikes, 12 pack Pepsi product, 2 Apple Carmel Pops and 2 Blow Pops.


Decorated Dozen

Decorated Dozen

Here is a great package to send your favorite UNI fan. He or she can share with friends or hoard and nibble for days. This package contains: 1 dozen decorate Panther Paw cookies, Large bag of Twizzlers, Large bag of Chex Mix, Microwave popcorn and a 12 pack of Pepsi product.