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A Healthy Eating Lifestyle

Eating at the dining center is one of the greatest parts of college life! Who doesn’t love to have their food made for them, have so many choices, and eat as much as they want?
While this is truly awesome, college life can be stressful and should be accompanied with a healthy lifestyle.

Maybe now you are thinking about a diet? This however, might be healthy over a smaller period of time, but will eventually come to an end.
Plus, who wants to be on a restrictive diet? The dining center ice cream is delicious!

How about a lifestyle change? No, this does not mean a forever diet!
A lifestyle change combines a new attitude towards how you eat, exercise (no, this does not have to be running), behavior modification, social support, and a maintenance plan.
Making a lifestyle change allows you to be healthy but still eat your favorite foods in moderation (where’s the pizza?!).Overtime, these changes can help you eat better, feel better, and live better!

Making the Change

So you have decided to make a lifestyle change? Good for you!
Now, how safe are you being about it? Making your lifestyle change should be for the better and shouldn’t cause harm mentally or physically.
Here are some questions to ask to make sure you are truly being healthy.
  • Are you eating the right kinds of food for adequate nutrient intake (fruits and vegetables) and the recommended servings per food group?
  • Are you eating a safe number of calories? Eating less than 1200 calories per day can be dangerous to the body, and you should not lose more than two pounds per week.
  • Does it include common foods that are readily available, rather than special and often expensive pills and formulas?
  • Does it incorporate regular exercise and activity? You can take a walk through campus and enjoy the squirrels, try a yoga class, join an active club, or go meet people at the WRC.
  • Why are you making a lifestyle change? Answering this question can help you create a plan to becoming healthier.

Any change requires effort and motivation. Enlist the support of others, and get them involved.
There are many new foods and activities today that can help benefit a healthy lifestyle change.
Choose a safe, manageable plan that works for you. You might start to make some new habits, healthy ones.