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Essentials Packages


Essentials store is located in Maucker Union and features Panther sportswear, UNI souvenirs, gifts, snacks, beverages, magazines, school supplies, health and beauty items, and much more! All packages can be personalized by contacting for more information.

The Essentials Package: Back to the basics is what this package is all about. All the "essentials" to start your school year out right!

Essentials Package

The "Essentials" package includes notebooks, note cards, highlighters, pens, mechanical pencils, folders, glue stick, stapler, paper clips, loose-leaf paper and post-it-notes. All this tucked in a bag for easy carrying.


"Essentials" Mini Snack Attack: For that special treat, the perfect snack package. A great pick-me-up to brighten someone's day for any occasion.


Tucked away in a gift bag, this package includes candy bars, chips, Chex Mix, Little Debbie snacks, a beverage, peanuts, and a bag of Frooties. Don't forget to send a personal message with this treat!


"Essentials Sniffles": Feeling blue? Under the weather? We have the perfect solution to get you on the road to recovery. A little T.L.C. wrapped up in one package

Essentials Sniffles

This gift bag comes stocked with tissues, Chapstick, hand-sanitizer, Soft Soap, juice, Gatorade, bottled water, Soup-at-Hand, breakfast bar, and snack crackers.  Don't forget a special message and for an additional $5.00, we will deliver on campus.


"Essentials" Finals Package: A great way to say "good luck" or "thank you" to your student employee and affordable too! All the "essentials" to get ready for finals.

Finals Package

A colorful gift bag is stocked with a pen, mechanical pencil, note cards, highlighter, a beverage, candy bar, and snack crackers all for only $6.00.

Information Needed from Customer

  • Food allergies
  • Gift card greeting
  • Pick-up or delivery day and time

Orders placed after 4 p.m. will be processed the following day.