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Online Room Recontracting

Students currently living in the residence halls for Spring 2012, will be able to complete the process for 2012-2013 recontracting.

There are three steps to complete your contract to return to the residence halls next year.

  • Step 1: Create your Panther Profile
  • Step 2: Request Roommates
  • Step 3: Choose and assign yourself to a room space.

Creating your Panther Profile

You may begin creating your Lifestyle Profile on January 18, 2012.

The Panther Profile will be used to assist you in finding a roommate based on the compatibility of answers between you and other users.

Panther Picks: Requesting and Confirming Roommates

The designated timeframe is January 18 – 30. You may begin requesting roommates as soon as preferred roommates have completed the Panther Profile and indicated that they want to be part of the Panther Picks process. It is very important to have this step completed before you move to the room space selection process if you have a specific roommate(s) preferences.

By default all students are included in Panther Picks. If you do not want your profile to be visible then you need to un-check the box. If you know the name and birth date of the person you want to room with, you can request them through “Search for roommates by details”. You must both be included in Panther Picks. After you have both requested and accepted each other as roommates, you will want to remove yourself from the search process. This will prevent other students from requesting you as a roommate.

During this time, students wanting to live in a suite or apartment in Lawther (suites only), ROTH and Panther Village may request up to 5 additional roommates. You need to designate a “leader” to request the others as roommates. This request process must be completed in order to complete the next step of room space selection successfully.

Choosing a Room Space

During the specified time frames you may choose your same room space or any available space on campusl.

  • Same Room Space – January 30 - February 5
  • Any Available Space – February 6 - 24
  • Priority Reservation access dates are determined by original contract date
  • Final Priority Reservation date – February 24

The person identified as the "leader" will be able to assign themselves and their requested roommates to the bed spaces in the room when their Priority Reservation date gives them access to do so. The roommates will need to complete their contract for that space when their Priority Reservation dates gives them access.

Those wishing to live in ROTH Suites/Apartments will be able to assign up to 5 roommates to fill the space. Those wishing to live in Panther Village will be able to assign up to 4 roommates to fill the apartment. We recommend that the “leader” who has requested the roommates in the Roommate Request choose the room and then assign the requested roommates to the spaces in the room/suite/apartment. It is advantageous if your roommate group "leader" has the earliest original contract date, and therefore, first access to the Priority Reservation process. Each student may also choose their space instead of having a “leader” do this.

Students who do not have a “group” of people they want to live with, may search for an open space to see what is available.

Important Information


You should be able to access the contracting process 24/7.


In order to access the recontracting process you will need to log on using your CatID. This is the same process you use for other university on-line features requiring security.

Same Room space Monday, January 30 - Sunday, February 5

You have first priority to recontract for your same room space during this time. If you are interested in living with a different roommate, you will need to specify the new roommate's full legal name and birthdate in the Roommate Request step. During this time, no other selections can be made. If you do not select your same room during this time, it will become available to others beginning Monday, February 6.

Priority Reservations: any available space Monday, February 6 - Friday, February 24

Current residents may select any available room in any hall for 2012-2013 when their Priority Reservation date allows them to do so. You may assign a confirmed roommate during this process (they will need to complete their contract as well when their Priority Reservation date allows access).

Roommate Preferences

If you have a roommate preference you must know your preferred roommate's full legal name and their birthdate and specify it during the Roommate Request Step (See above).

  • If the roommate is currently an on-campus resident, he/she will need to recontract online by May 4.
  • If the roommate is not currently an on-campus resident, the "match" will occur if the roommate preference information on both contracts matches and both contracts and prepayments are submitted by May 1.
Changing Your Contract

You may make changes to your contract by logging back into the recontracting system during the hours the system is available. You will also need to follow the designated recontracting times.


Not Currently Registered

If you are not currently registered at UNI, you will need to complete a contract for new students or contact the Department of Residence at 319/273-2333 or 1-866-207-9411, toll free.

Won't be on campus during on-line recontracting

You will still be able to participate in the recontracting process even if you are not on campus. You will need to have access to the Internet, then click this link.

Under 18

You must be 18 years of age to complete the on-line recontracting process. If you are not 18, please contact your hall secretary for further information.

Confirming your Recontract

Once you have made your recontracting selections, you will be required to click the 'I Agree to the Terms and Conditions' checkbox on the Agree to Terms and Conditions step. This signifies that you agree to the terms and conditions of the housing and dining contract. You will receive a confirmation email once you have completed this step by checking the box and clicking Save & Continue.

Student Teaching during Spring Semester

If you are going to student teach spring semester and will need access to your residence hall before spring semester begins, please contract to live in one of the halls that is open during the semester break. These halls include: Bender, Dancer, Lawther, Noehren, Panther Village, ROTH and Shull.

Contract Rules and Prepayment

A copy of the 2012-2013 Contract Terms and Conditions for recontracting is available on-line. Your hall office will also have a copy.

Once you have made your room and meal plan selections and moved through the 2-Year Advantage step and the Disability Accommodation and Person Requests steps, you will be asked to click on the checkbox labeled 'I Agree to the Terms and Conditions' on the Agree to Terms and Conditions step. This will serve as your electronic signature and indicate that you have read and agree to the following contract terms:

  1. I certify that I have read and understood and I hereby agree to the Residence Hall Contract Terms and Conditions for 2012-2013.
  2. I agree to pay the rate established by the Board of Regents of the State of Iowa for the University of Northern Iowa for the type of room and meal plan to which I am assigned.
  3. I understand the following cancellation schedule:
    • Before May 1: $200 prepayment forfeited
    • May 1 and after: $200 prepayment forfeited and a 40% penalty on remainder of academic year contract, plus inclusive weekly room and meal charges.
  4. I agree to pay the $200 prepayment and understand it will be billed to my e-bill immediately upon completing my contract. If I cancel my contract, I understand I will forfeit my $200 prepayment.

The $200 prepayment is waived for residents with a 2011-2012 2-Year Advantage contract.

Applying to be an RA

All those interested in being Resident Assistant candidates should recontract for a space. If a job offer is extended and accepted, your contract will be changed as necessary.