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2-Year Advantage Plan


The good life just got easier. Get the 2-Year Advantage plan and save!

The majority of new students select the 2-Year Advantage Plan each academic year.


  • Freeze your housing and dining rates for two years
  • Move to campus Thursday before classes begin, at no charge
  • Avoid the $200 pre-payment for the second year of the contract

Signing Up

  • Any student who lives or will live on campus (residence halls, ROTH or Panther Village) can choose to save money with the 2-Year Advantage plan
  • Enrollment in the 2014-2016 2-Year Advantage contract continues through August 22, 2014

There are a few simple ways to sign up for this great deal:

  • Log into your housing contract online and choose the 2-Year Advantage Plan option
  • You can also call the Department of Residence to sign up.
  • You may add this option or change it to a single-year contract during the enrollment period.

Contract Obligations

  • Residents will fulfill the contract by living on campus (residence halls, ROTH, or Panther Village) for two years - usually four semesters.
  • Participants have the same flexibility to change roommates, rooms and meal plans as students using the single year contract
  • Cancellation fees apply; please see the current contract terms and conditions for details.

Need more information?

        Contact the Department of Residence at, call (319) 273-2333 or (toll free) 1-866-207-9411, or use our contact form.