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2-Year Advantage 2012-14 Recontracting tips


You made a smart decision to select the 2-Year Advantage plan for 2012-14. 
You’re making it easy for yourself and saving money.

Select your room for 2013-14:
You have lots of options: If you are not staying in your same room, you can select from any available space when you have access to the Panther Priority selection process.  Simply log in to your online housing and dining contract.  Your original contract date and the date you gain access to the Panther Priority selection process is on your contract.  The $200 prepayment is waived – another benefit of the 2-Year Advantage plan.

Select your meal plan for 2013-14:

Meal plans have been simplified for 2013-14.  A meal plan chart for 2012-14  2-Year Advantage plans shows the equivalent access for the new plans and your savings with your 2-Year Advantage plan.  The recontracting website includes answers to frequently asked questions.
Important: If you had intended to select the 150 block plan (an option in 2012-13) and the Basic Block plan (160 meals, new for 2013-14) will not meet your needs, select the Basic Block plan and then contact for a plan/billing adjustment.  Department of Residence will reduce your access to 150 meals per semester and refund $100. Let Jean know your choice of options for the refund: $100 university bill credit or $100 Dining Dollars.  This option is available to students with the 2012-14 2-Year Advantage plan, only.

Consider living in a Living Learning Community next year:

  • Upperclass communities are in Shull Hall and ROTH apartments and suites (sophomores, juniors and seniors) and in Panther Village (juniors and seniors)
  • Second-Year Experience is planned for Hagemann Hall
  • Bender Hall will have a Wellness Focus
  • Substance Free houses will be in Campbell , Rider, Bender and Dancer Halls

New for Fall 2013:


  • Changes are accepted to the Department of Residence housing and dining contract through May 10.  Simply log in to your online contract and change your preferences.
  • Request CP parking on your housing and dining contract.  Requests are accepted through March 1.