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Early contract date is an advantage for the next 4 years!

The fall 2013 class of freshmen and transfer students are signing up for rooms on campus through the Department of Residence online contract process. Students who get their contract in early (and get an early “initial contract date”) have an advantage for all 4 years that they live on campus as the initial room assignment and subsequent room selection are based on the initial contract date.

Assignments for 2013-14 will be made in May 2013, so students who complete the online contract can continue to edit their choices through April 2013.  “This flexibility encourages students to get their contract in early even if they are still deciding about which residence hall is their top choice or which roommate will be the best fit,” said UNI Director of Residence Life Lyn Redington. 

The online contract process takes less than 10 minutes if students have made some preliminary decisions about their preferences.  Expanded services, new facilities, and additional learning communities for fall 2013 will take on-campus communities to a new level of excellence. An early contract date is an advantage for the next 4 years!