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Campbell Hall programming is being featured this week!

Campbell Hall programming is being featured this week!

The staff in Campbell Hall has communicated a clear plan for residents to get connected during the first six weeks of classes.  A clever Passport campaign includes hall history and a house directory, along with pages for “destination” stamps earned for attending programs and other outreach opportunities.

A set of boarding passes clearly describe 6 weeks of programs including campus tours, a scavenger hunt, the roommate game, door decoration contest, volleyball tournament, time management, a BBQ and more.
Campbell Hall Residence Life Coordinator Chavel Alley said programming is one of many advantages students who live on campus have over students who live off-campus.  It is a cooperative effort with her student leaders (resident assistants, hall senate representatives) and staff (residence life coordinator and assistant residence life coordinator).

The first 6 weeks programming aims to get students connected to campus and Campbell Hall and active in programs that promote financial responsibility, academic success, time management and habits for good health.
The Passport provided a good reminder that students are “going places” when they are mindful of these topics. Students are also reminded that they made a great choice to live on campus because it is easy to get acquainted and to have a lot of fun where you live! High participation in the form of a passport full of “stamps” will become collateral for prizes.
“Student participation is at an all-time high in Campbell Hall; it has become evident that residence education continuously supports student success, both in and outside of the classroom,” Alley said.  “We can't wait to have even more students come to UNI, to be a part of our hall pride, and commitment to making their time in the residence halls one that they will remember!” Campbell Hall programming is being featured this week!