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Common Questions and Answers


I will need my room only during the week. Will I be charged for the weekends?

The housing bill will include the time the room was reserved for your use. It will include every day regardless of your occupancy.

Will I have a private room?

A limited number of private rooms are available.  

How will I pay for the room and how much will it cost?

A billing statement will be generated from the information provided by the Conference Office regarding your stay. Payment instructions will be included on the statement. We do not accept credit cards, cash or checks at the hall office for the cost of housing. If you are a university student, the bill will be processed to your U-bill.

Where can I eat meals?

Dining services will be at Chats in Maucker Union and the Rialto Dining Center in Towers Center.

Will I have a private bathroom?

Dancer Hall is a traditional high-rise residence hall on campus. There are two communal bathrooms on each floor with numerous showers, sinks and stools. Because the restroom capacity is designed to accommodate full double occupancy during the academic year, the summer guests seldom wait to use a shower or other facilities. The restrooms are professionally cleaned on weekdays. There are women's restrooms and men's restrooms. 

In both the ROTH Complex and Panther Village, bathrooms are private.

Will I be living with teen-age students?

Workshop guests will first be assigned to space set aside for short-term guests.  It is a priority to have different floors for youth guests and adult guests; however, this cannot always be guaranteed.

Will I need to bring my own linen?

The linen package includes a mattress pad, two sheets, a covered pillow and a blanket. Two towels, soap and a cup will also be provided in your room. A weekly linen exchange is included in the cost of your room.  If you wish to have a linen exchange more frequently than weekly, a request can be made at the hall office. The cost of $4 for this service will be included on your invoice if you are the party responsible for your housing expense.

Is there a vending machine area?

Vending machines are located on the ground floors of Panther Village, ROTH Complex, and Dancer Hall.

If someone needs to reach me, who should they contact?

The 24-Hour emergency number for University of Northern Iowa University Police is (319) 273-2712.
Dancer Hall office (319) 273-2376
ROTH Complex office (319) 273-7051
Panther Village office (319) 273-7894
Department of Residence office (319) 273-2333
It will be important for the caller to know the name of the workshop you are attending and the residence hall: Dancer, Panther Village, or ROTH.

Where will I park?

Guests may purchase a daily, weekly or summer session permit from University Police Parking Division, in addition to short term passes from the office during check-in. The University of Northern Iowa is a beautiful pedestrian campus with most facilities within easy walking distance.

Can I use the wellness center?

A daily use permit is available to workshop guests for $5 per day. The Wellness and Recreation Center hours are listed on the web:

What about leisure time in Cedar Falls?

The Cedar Valley area is well known for bicycle trails, golf, antiques, shopping, and water recreation. The Hearst Center for the Arts is located several blocks east of campus on Seerley Boulevard. George Wyth State Park is on the bicycle trail system, which can be accessed less than a mile from campus. The metro bus system connects to campus at the east edge of campus (College Street and Seerley Boulevard). Local restaurants are plentiful, as well.

Where can I get a church schedule?

There are several churches within walking distance of campus. Church names are listed in the local phone book yellow pages.

Is there a place to do laundry?

Coin-operated machines are located in the Dancer Hall, Panther Village and ROTH Complex laundry rooms.