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of Residence

Using Your UNI ID Card



  • Access your meal plan, dining dollars, meal deals or charge at dining centers for meals: Piazza at Redeker Center and Rialto at Towers Center+

  • Electronic access doors

  • Check out books in the library+

  • Access the Wellness & Recreation Center*

  • Enter athletic and performance events at no charge*

  • Make purchases at on-campus convenience stores: 23rd St. Market at Commons, Biscotti's at Redeker Center and Essentials at Maucker Union+

  • Order snacks, take-out foods and cakes from the Department of Residence+

  • Pay for photocopying in the library

  • Make purchases at Maucker Union restaurants and food kiosks - Commodities Cart at Curris Business Building, Crunch Break Cart at Wellness Recreation Center and Apple Cart at Schindler Education Center

  • Staff must complete the online agreement to allow purchases on their ID card to be payroll deducted.

  • Student ID card purchases will appear on their University bill.

* Services not available to Distance Education Students
+For Distance Education students a photo ID must accompany a university non-photo ID to use card for services