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RELI Featured Topics



June 8 - 13, 2014

Sponsored by the University of Northern Iowa and UMR-ACUHO

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Featured RELI Topics:

These descriptors are based on the NHTI (National Housing Training Institute) Competencies

Professional Development

This session will focus on the benefits of engaging in academic work, writing, studying, reading, and working toward the advancement of new approaches in housing, student affairs, and higher education. It will also discuss how to assess and enhance professional skills and knowledge.

Cultural Assessment/Politics on Campus

Recognizing, analyzing and navigating political processes in higher education will be the focus of this session. Identifying stakeholders and understand their priorities as well as understanding the influence of local, state and national politics on institutions.

Budget Development/Management

Understanding and managing the basic components of a housing budget will be discussed. Also included in this session will be a discussion of different types of budgets.

Current Issues and Legal Issues

This session will include a review of the laws pertaining to higher education (i.e., Affirmative Action / Title IX / Clery / FERPA / ADA / Service Animal / Dear Colleague Letter / Human Resource Grievances / Society Litigiousness, tort liability, landlord-tenant, parental notifications) and a discussion of knowing when to seek legal assistance.

Supervision at the Next Level

Moving beyond supervising student staff, this session will discuss appropriate direction and coaching when supervising graduate and professional staff. Other topics may include how to maintain qualified staff; the adherence to selection policies; and providing staff with formal and informal appraisals of their performance.

Facilities Management

Effectively and efficiently managing the operations of housing facilities is a critical part of any housing department. A discussion of facility life cycles, layout and operation of building systems will be included. Understand procedures for addressing various facility issues.

Crisis/Emergency Management

A discussion of a COOP (continuity of operations plan) will occur, including effectively planning for, recognizing, and responding to critical situations.


How do we determine student needs, interests and satisfaction? This will include a discussion of formal and informal assessment measures as well as the development of plans to address the resulting data.

Conference Management

The coordination, planning and preparation for use of residence facilities for groups other than residential students will be covered in this session.

Occupancy Management

Manage a plan to maintain maximum occupancy of facilities.  Possess knowledge of local temporary housing and marketing conditions.