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Choose Your Own Room


We are very excited to offer a new service for our students. This will be the first time that we are offering the option to our new students to choose their own room.  Just follow the steps below and you will have your room space selected within minutes. 

  1. Use the same log in location and information as you did when you completed your contract.  Click on the icon above to login.
  2. Choose Contract
  3. Choose Residence Halls 14-15 (you should see that your application is complete).
  4. Go to Step 12 named Choose by Community in the progress bar at the top of your contract.
  5. Choose the Living Learning Community that you have been approved for from the drop down box under ‘Community’, then click Search.
  6. A list of rooms will be shown to you.
  7. Clicking on the Room Details will provide you a layout of the community and where the rooms are located.
  8. Click on a room number (it will become highlighted), then Save and Continue.
  9. There are two bed spaces per room, you will be able to assign yourself to one of those spaces.  If you have a requested roommate who has been approved to live in the same LLC, you will be able to assign them to the other space during this process.  Click Reserve Beds.
  10. The search page will show again, this is in case you change your mind on which room you want in the community.  You will not be able to move a roommate if you decide to change.
  11. That’s it!  You have just chosen your room for Fall 2014.
  12. We are very excited to have you living with us and look forward to your arrival!