Techical and Security Information for the Media

8 a.m. equipment check - required

All equipment must be checked by the U.S. State Department at 8 a.m. Tuesday, May 18, in the northwest corner of McLeod Center on the concourse level.

All equipment will be checked at one time in the northwest corner of the concourse level. This includes cameras, computers, microphones, digital recorders, tapes, etc.

Once the security check for media is done, no more equipment will be allowed inside.

Equipment cannot be taken out and returned at any time during the day. No exceptions. People can leave the building and return (passing through a metal detector each time) but equipment cannot.

Streaming and broadcast information

UNI will stream the event. NO outlet may re-stream.

Media may link to the UNI stream at

UNI should be given credit for providing the stream if it is used in any way.

NO live broadcast of the events inside the McLeod Center.

Camera Area

Location - South Concourse along the glass.

Power - media must provide own power strip(s).

Audio feed provided (media must bring own XLR cable, 50.')

Media Room

Work tables and chairs provided.

Wired and wireless Internet available with username and password provided by UNI at credential and packet pickup.

Power - media must provide own power strip(s).

Clean AV feeds from UNI house sound and UNI cameras are provided. (Audio connections are XLR line or mic and video connections are BNC.


Please direct all technical questions to Keith Kennedy at 319-464-7798.