Media Coverage: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a one-on-one interview with His Holiness?

No. UNI made this request for media, however due to His Holiness's limited availability and security issues, we were unable to schedule media availability with His Holiness.

How early can I arrive?

Credentials will be available for pick up starting at 7 a.m. Tuesday, May 18, outside the northwest entrance of McLeod Center. Media Locations Map

How late can I arrive?

All media equipment must be inside of McLeod Center in the northwest corner of the concourse by 8 a.m. for a security check. Individuals may pick up their credentials until 9 a.m. Doors to McLeod Center close at 9:15 a.m. for the morning panel discussion.

Where can I park?

Parking is available in the lots surrounding McLeod Center and UNI-Dome. See the parking map for more information.

Can I take my camera outside between sessions for live shots?

No. The U.S. State Department requires that all equipment to be used inside McLeod Center must be inside McLeod Center by 8 a.m. for a security check. All equipment will be checked at one time in the northwest corner of the concourse level. This includes cameras, computers, microphones, digital recorders, tapes, phones, etc.

Once the security check for media is done, no more equipment will be allowed inside. Equipment cannot be taken out and returned at any time during the day. No exceptions. People can leave the building and return (passing through a metal detector each time) but equipment cannot.

Can I provide a live video feed to our organization's website?


Can we use footage for a taped special program?

Yes, however the program cannot be run in its entirety and cannot be used for any commercial purposes.

Will there be a mult box?

Yes. A mult box with an audio feed will be available at the media camera area and in the media work room. Media must bring their own adapters. Audio and video feeds will be available in the media work room.

Is power available?

Power will be provided, but media must bring their own power strip(s).