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Forum Theatre

Forum Theatre was developed in the 1960s by Brazilian theatre director Augusto Boal.

Boal believed that theatre could serve as a forum for teaching people the strategies they needed to change their world.


The goal of Forum Theatre is to make people more aware of some problems that they may have not considered previously. Forum Theatre scenarios are designed to stimulate audience participation through discussion, interactive role-playing and shared experiences. In a typical Forum workshop, audience members come forward to demonstrate various approaches to intervening on the vicitm's behalf. Usually in a Forum scene, these characters remain the same, while the other characters in the scene (the bystanders) will be replaced by audience members who try different approaches at preventing or stopping the violence as it is happening. Audience members are allowed to attempt their solutions until they feel satisfied they have done everything they have wanted to do. After the Forum scene has been worked through, discussion can take place about the scene's issue(s).