Current Research on Women & Gender (CROW) Forum


October 7: Tina Naami, Associate Professor, Social Work

Title: The impact of unemployment on women with physical disabilities: A comparison of Tamale, Ghana and Salt Lake City, UT 

November 4: Dawn Del Carlo, Associate Professor & Tori Quist, Student, chemistry & Biochemistry

Title: Female scientists' sense of self and stereotypes:  Black sheep or wolf in sheep's clothing?

December 2: Jen Waldron, Associate Professor, Health, Physical Education & Leisure Services

Title: Is hazing fun or is it violent? A post-structuralist perspective

February 3: Annette Lynch, Professor & Director of The Center for Violence Prevention

Title:  Teaching Girls the Power Beyond Sexy: Using Bystander Approaches to Address Self-Objectification 

March 3: Jennifer Cooley, Associate Professor, Languages & Literatures

Title: 21st-Century Jungles: Representing Workplace Abuses Against Migrant Women

April  7: UNI WGS Outstanding Graduate Paper on Gender Award

CROW Forums are held on the first Monday of each month at 12 noon in the Center for Multicultural Education, Room 109A.

Faculty, staff, students and members of the wider community are invited!