Undergraduate Program FAQ

Do you enjoy working with people and understanding them? Do you want to make a difference in other's lives? Then you may want to consider a Social Work major at the University of Northern Iowa. Students in social work take classes in human growth and development, human behavior, social work practice and social policy. The Department also offers a one-of-a-kind certificate in Substance Abuse Counseling.

Practical experience is an important emphasis in this Department. Every senior does an internship in a social agency working with clients and supervised by a practicing social worker.

Graduates of the social work program find jobs in child and adolescent social work, family practice, probation and parole, medical social work, and working with the aged. They graduate from a Department that is fully acredited by the Council on Social Work Education. This means UNI social work majors are prepared for beginning social work practice throughout the country and receive advanced standing in graduate programs.

  1. How long does it take a full-time student to complete the Social Work major?
    A full-time student carrying an average load can complete the 53 credit hour major in two years.
  2. What are the job prospects for social work graduates?
    Our recent survey of graduates found about 50% of respondents have jobs labeled 'social work.' Another 37% have jobs related to social work, such as counselor, etc. These survey results have been consistent for fifteen years.
  3. Is the Social Work program accredited?
    The Social Work program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. In addition to insuring quality, this is important for licensing, job qualification, and advanced standing in MSW programs.
  4. What are qualities of people who make good social workers?
    Strong intelligence, a compassionate, non-controlling orientation toward other people, good relationships skills, good judgement, and a stable, positive personality are all qualities that make a good social worker. People who are abusing substances, who are having significant mental health problems, who have a need to control or exploit others or use their professional position to proselytize should not pursue a social work career. A social work major is not a substitute for personal counseling or therapy.
  5. How do I declare a Social Work major at UNI?
    You may obtain an application form at the Department of Social Work Office, 235 Sabin, on UNI's campus. After reviewing your application the Admissions Committee will either ask for an interview or send you a letter of admittance which will include the name of your advisor.
  6. Where can I learn more about Social Work?
    A good source of information on the social work major can be found at http://www.uni.edu/careerservices/students/career/majorhandouts/social_work.html