Social Work Certificates



Social Work Certificates



                                           Conflict Resolution        

Conflict and dispute can be viewed on both the macro and micro system levels. It can be intrapersonal or interpersonal, as in the area of marriage or family, or organizational, as in relations, racial and ethnic or interpersonal concerns. The Certificate in Conflict Resolution provides knowledge and understanding of conflict, as well as conflict management or resolution. The certificate's curriculum is designed for students who are working toward or who have already completed a baccalaureate degree, and whose anticipated careers may provide opportunities for understanding and conducting conflict resolution. Examples of related majors would include (but not necessarily be limited to) Social Work, Sociology, Anthropology, Environmental Science, Criminology, Communication, Business Management, Public Administration, Education, Public Policy, and Political Science.

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                                                 Substance Abuse Counseling


                                                         This UNI Substance Abuse Couseling Certificate is designed to prepare Social Work majors for the field of substance abuse treatment. Completion of the educational requirements for this certificate partially fulfills state certification requirements. To receive the Substance Abuse Counseling Certificate, a student must complete the requirements for the Socail Work major (including graduation with the B.A.) and specific course work and field instruction.