Social Work Certificates



Social Work Certificates


                                                                                                Child Welfare


The UNI Child Welfare Certificate is intended to prepare social work majors to competently work in a variety of settings, including child protective services, adoption, foster care, youth services, and residential facilities (such as Bremwood, Four Oaks, and Quakerdale). Students complete three required course pertaining to child welfare policy and practice, problems in juvenile and family law, and a senior internship requirement in a child welfare setting.  Not including field instruction (11-15 hours), five (5) courses are required to complete the Certificate.  Based on your interest you select one course from the following three courses: Conflict Resolution, Addictions Treatment, and Family and Group Practice.  You also select one course from the following: Abnormal Psychology, Child and Adolescent Psychopathology, and Therapeutic Communication.  To be awarded the Child Welfare Certificate you must graduate with a Bachelor of Arts with a major in social work.  For further information contact Dr. Jim McCullagh at or 319/273-2399.  His office is in Bartlett 1109.


                                                 Conflict Resolution



Conflict and dispute can be viewed on both the macro and micro system levels. It can be intrapersonal or interpersonal, as in the area of marriage or family, or organizational, as in relations, racial and ethnic or interpersonal concerns. The Certificate in Conflict Resolution provides knowledge and understanding of conflict, as well as conflict management or resolution. The certificate's curriculum is designed for students who are working toward or who have already completed a baccalaureate degree, and whose anticipated careers may provide opportunities for understanding and conducting conflict resolution. Examples of related majors would include (but not necessarily be limited to) Social Work, Sociology, Anthropology, Environmental Science, Criminology, Communication, Business Management, Public Administration, Education, Public Policy, and Political Science.

Applications are available in Sabin, Room 235



                                                   Substance Abuse Counseling

                                                                      The UNI Substance Abuse Counseling Certificate is designed to prepare Social Work majors for the field of substance abuse treatment. Completion of the educational requirements for this certificate partially fulfills state certification requirements. To receive the Substance Abuse Counseling Certificate, a student must complete the requirements for the Social Work major (including graduation with the B.A.) and specific course work and field instruction.