Laura Kaplan

Department of Social Work
Faculty - Associate Professor of Social Work


Social Work

Research Interests

Ethics: ethics in practice and the teaching of ethics and moral reasoning. Disparities: mental health, health, and social disparities among marginalized populations; Diversity; HIV/AIDS

Selected Publications

Harley, D., Savage, T., & *Kaplan, L. E. (2005). Racial and ethnic minorities in rural areas: Use of indigenous influence in the practice of social work. Ginsberg (Ed.) Social Work in Rural Communities 4th edition.

Harley, D., Tice, K., & *Kaplan, L. (2001) Professional Border Crossings: Implications of Collaboration Between Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors and Social Workers in Public Schools to Assist Students with Disabilities and Families. Journal of Rehabilitation Administration 25(4) Fall.

Kaplan, L. (2006). Book Review. When Their World Falls Apart. Helping Families and Children Manage the Effects of Disasters. L.B. Rosenfeld, J.S. Caye, O. Ayalon, & M. Lahad. (2005). WA DC: NASW in Mental Health Specialty Section Newsletter, NASW.

Kaplan, L. (2005). Dual relationships: The challenges for social workers in recovery. Journal of Social Work Practice in the Addictions, 5(3).

Kaplan, L. (2002). Dual Relationships: A Call for Open Discourse. Professional Ethics, 9(1) August.

Kaplan, L. (2003). Book Review. Counseling the alcohol and drug dependent client: A practical approach. Robert J. Craig. Boston: Pearson Education, 2004 in Journal of Social Work Practice in the Addictions.

Kaplan, L. (2003). A social worker's experience with HIV/AIDS. In Van Wormer, K. Social welfare: A world view. Allyn & Bacon.

Kaplan, Tomaszewski, Gorin (2004). Current trends and the future of HIV/AIDS services: A social work perspective. Journal of Health and Social Work (May).

Riffe, H., & Kaplan, L. (2001). HIV Prevention in Challenging Subcultures: Reaching Rural Freshmen in University Orientation Classes. Journal of HIV/AIDS Prevention & Education for Adolescents & Children 4(1).

In Press

Kaplan, L. (2006). Moral reasoning of MSW social workers and the influence of education. Journal of Social Work Education.

Kaplan, L. (2005). Insidious Trauma and the Sexual Minority Client.. Chapter in Transforming Trauma: An Empowerment Perspective. Wise & Bussey (Eds). Columbia University Press. (in process).

Van Wormer, K., & Kaplan, L. (2006). Results of a National Survey of Wardens in Women's Prisons: The Case for Gender Specific Treatment. Women & Therapy, 29(1/2).


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