College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

CSBS Faculty Senate

CSBS Faculty Senate Members 2012-2013

Andy Gilpin, chair


Term: 2012-2015




 Tim Strauss

Elaine Eshbaugh


Applied Human Sciences

Term: 2012-2015 (second term)

Term: 2011-2014


Chuck Holcombe, vice chair

Ramona McNeal


Political Science

Term: 2012-2015

Term: 2013-2016

Ga-Young Choi, secretary

Cyndi Dunn

Social Work

Sociology, Anthropology & Criminology

Term: 2013-2016

Term: 2011-2014 (second term)

Kristy Rose

Military Science

Term: non-voting


CSBS Senate Bylaws

April 2011 Statement of the Liberal Arts Core

CSBS Faculty Senate Minutes

Current Year

August 4, 2014
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