College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

School of Applied Human Sciences

Elaine M. Eshbaugh (Henninger)

School of Applied Human Sciences
Faculty - Associate Professor of Gerontology & Davis Professorship of Gerontology


Family Studies & Gerontology


BA Psychology (Family Studies minor)--University of Northern Iowa 2000; MS Human Development & Family Studies--Iowa State University 2002;PhD Human Development & Family Studies (Statistics minor)--Iowa State University 2005; Research post-doc University of Kansas 2005-2006

Research Interests

Depression and loneliness across the lifespan (esp. women); Older women who live alone; Predictors of student interest in gerontology; Family and caregiver knowledge of Alzheimer's disease

Selected Publications

 Eshbaugh, E. M., & Henninger, W. R. (In press). Potential mediators of the relationship between gender and death anxiety. Individual Differences Research.


Eshbaugh, E. M., Gross, P., Hillebrand, K.*, Davie, J.*, & Henninger, W. R. (2012). Promoting careers in gerontology to students: What are undergraduates seeking in a career? Gerontology & Geriatrics Education.


Peterson, C. A., Wall, S., Jeon, H. J., Swanson, M., Carta, J. J., Luze, G. J., & Eshbaugh, E. (2011). Children living in poverty: Identification of disabilities and service receipt during preschool. The Journal of Special Education.


Eshbaugh. E. M., Peterson, C. A., Wall, S., Carta, J. J., Luze, G., Swanson, M., & Heon, H. J. (2011). The impact of children’s disabilities, suspected delays, and biological risks on low-income parents’ warmth and parent-child activities. Infant and Child Development, 20, 509-524.


Gross, P. E., & Eshbaugh, E. M. (2011). Tuning them in vs. turning them on: How do we interest students in working with older adults? Gerontology & Geriatrics Education, 32, 122-134.


Eshbaugh, E. M. (2011). College students’ positivity toward teen mothers. Journal of Family Social Work, 14, 237-246.


Jeon, H. J., Peterson, C., Wall, S., Carta, J. C., Luze, G. L., Swanson, M., & Eshbaugh, E. M. (2011). Predicting school readiness at kindergarten entry for low-income children with additional disability risks before age 3. Exceptional Children, 77(4), 435-452.


Eshbaugh, E. M., Somervill, J. W., Kotek, J. H., Perez, E., Nalan, K. R., Wilson, C. E., & Bullis, Q. T. (2011). Presence of a dog, pet attachment, and loneliness among elders. North American Journal of Psychology, 13, 1-4.


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Eshbaugh, E. M., Lempers, J., & Luze, G. J. (2006). Objective and self-perceived resources as predictors of depression among urban and non-urban adolescent mothers. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 35, 839-847.


Courses Taught

Families and Aging; Psychology of Aging; Research Methods in Family Science; Families, Alzheimer's, & Related Dementias; Internship in Gerontology


Latham 241