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Level II Admission Requirements for Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Level I Admission: Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Level II Admission: Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Level I Admission: School Counseling

Level II Admission: School Counseling

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Please note that Admission to Coursework, Level One, does not automatically guarantee admission to Level Two, Program Approval (degree) status. In order to be eligible for Level Two admission the following requirements must be satisfactorily completed:

  • COUN 4103/5103 Introduction to Professional Counseling
  • COUN 4105/5105 Counseling Skills
  • COUN 6227 Counseling Theory (OR another course, as approved by the advisor).

The program approval decision will be made by the entire counseling faculty and is based on a performance review of the following:

  1. An analysis of performance in coursework, including grade point average. A minimum of a 3.0 grade point is required
  2. A minimum of a "B" in COUN 4105/5105 Counseling Skills
  3. The ability to effectively demonstrate counseling skills as presented in the Counseling Skills class. These skills are the best predictor of professional success as well as successful completion of practicum and internship. See the attached form [Second Level Screening Tape Evaluation] for evaluation criteria.
  4. Evidence of good writing skills
  5. Demonstration of effective interpersonal relationship skills, openness to self-disclosure and personal growth, and sensitivity and flexibility in relating to others
  6. Evidence of appropriate personal characteristics for a counseling professional and adherence to ethical behavior as specified in the ACA Code of Ethics

There are three possible outcomes of this review:

  1. Program approval (degree) status is granted.
  2. Provisional status may be continued for a short period of time with a specific plan and timeline for improvement outlined.
    * Occasionally provisional status is continued until another tape is submitted. This occurs when the quality of the tape is poor, when the client was so verbal that it was not possible to see a good presentation of skill, or when there was a marked discrepancy between consistent performance in Counseling Skills and the tape which was submitted.
  3. Program approval (degree) status is denied. No further counseling courses may be taken.
The forms needed to apply for Level II Admission are located on the "Information for Students" tab under "Level II Progression Requirements"

Deadlines for submission of second level program approval materials:
  • November 20 for students who will complete the required courses in the fall.

Failure to submit materials on time will delay the program approval decision and may jeopardize your status with the Graduate College if you have taken over 15 hours prior to Level II admission. It is very important that you take responsibility for having allmaterials in on time.

Program approval decisions for fall will be made within three (3) weeks after the deadline for submission of materials. Admission decisions will be mailed to each candidate.

If you are admitted to the program at the second level, please obtain a Student Informational Packet II from your advisor or the Departmental office. This packet contains important information for the completion of your program. Please read this thoroughly. If you are admitted, the GF1 form on file in the Graduate College is your official program of study. If you make any changes in this program, you must complete a Student Request form. Advisor approval must be obtained for any substitutions. It is important for you to contact your advisor as soon as you have been admitted and work closely with him or her throughout your program to help with course scheduling, research paper and comprehensive exam requirements, and other pertinent information about the program.

Program Exit Requirements 

In addition to taking comprehensive exams and completing a research paper, all students in the program must complete exit requirements prior to graduation. You should begin working on these requirements early in the program and document them as they are completed. These requirements reinforce what we believe all future counselors need: high levels of personal and professional development and sensitivity to diversity. Verification forms are in Information Packet II and the Comprehensive Exam Informational Packet. You may want to refer to the Mental Health and School Counseling Resource Directory (Department web site or in the Counseling Research Room) for contacts for some of these requirements.