College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

School of Applied Human Sciences

ACA and Other Professional Organizations

You are encouraged to become involved in state and national professional counseling associations: ACA (American Counseling Association).

ACA Membership Benefits:
  • Excellent newsletters
  • Scholarly journals
  • Information about outstanding professional development workshops and conferences that you may attend at student rates "Professional Liability Insurance Program" at a student rate.
  • You must have professional liability insurance before enrolling in Level 2 courses since UNI is not liable for any malpractice claims made against them. To be eligible for ACA's insurance coverage, you have to be a member of ACA.

For information about student rates call 1-800-347-6647 (ACA) or 1-800-765-1392 (ICA).  You can also check the web site at

Mental Health Counseling Associations:
School Counseling Associations: