College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology

Xavier Escandell

Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology
Faculty - Associate Professor of Sociology




Ph.D. (2005) University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign; Pre-doctoral Fellow (2004) Center for Comparative Immigration Studies, University of California, San Diego.

Research Interests

International migration and transnationalism, race/ethnic inequality, sociology of emotions, social demography, labor markets, research methods, European Union, Latin America

Selected Publications

Escandell, Xavier, Marga Mari-Klose, and Pau Mari-Klose, 2015 "Gender Gaps in Educational OutcomesAmong Children of New Migrants: The Role of Social Integration from a Comparative Perspective", Sociology Compass 9(12): 1036-1048.

Tsuda, Takeyuki, Maria Tapias, and Xavier Escandell, 2014 "Locating the Global in Transnational Ethnography", Journal of Contemporary Ethnography 43(2): 123-147.

Escandell, Xavier and Alin M. Ceobanu, 2013 "Immigration and the Welfare State in Western Societies: Ethnic Heterogeneity, Redistribution and the role of Institutions". International Handbook of Migration Studies.

Escandell, Xavier, 2012 "The Future of the European Social Policy Model and Perceptions of Immigration", in Anti-Immigrant Sentiments, Actions and Policies in the North American region and the European Union; Monica Verea (Ed.), CISAN_UNAM, Mexico, pp. 331-357.

Ralston, L. Margaret and Xavier Escandell, 2012 "Networks Matter: Mexican Migrants' Use of Hospitals", Population Research and Policy Review, (Forthcoming, available online)

Stevens, Gillian, Hiromi Ishizawa and Xavier Escandell, "Marrying into the American Population: Pathways into Cross-nativity Marriages". International Migration Review. vol. 46, no.3: 740-759

Tapias, Maria and Xavier Escandell, "Not in the Eyes of the Beholder: Envy Among Bolivian Migrants in Spain', International Migration, vol. 49(6): 74-94.

Ceobanu, Alin M. and Xavier Escandell, 2011, "Paths to Citizenship? Public Views on the Extension of Rights to Legal and Second Generation Immigrants in Europe". British Journal of Sociology, vol. 62, no. 2, pp.221-240.

Ceobanu, Alin M. and Xavier Escandell, 2010. "Comparative Analyses of Public Attitudes Toward Immigrants and Immigration Using Multinational Survey Data: A Review of Theories and Research". Annual Review of Sociology, vol. 36, pp. 309-328.

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Escandell, Xavier and Alin M. Ceobanu, 2008. "When Contact with Immigrants Matter: Threat, Interethnic Attitudes and Foreigner Exclusionism in Spain’s Comunidades Autónomas", Ethnic and Racial Studies, vol. 32, no. 1, pp. 44-69.

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Escandell, Xavier and Jesus Miguel, 1999."Organizacion de la Proteccion Social en España: Problemas y Politicas". Gestion y Analisis de Politicas Publicas, 13-14: 12-21. (Title translation: Organization of the Social Protection System in Spain: Problems and Policies).


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