College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology

Phyllis Baker

Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology
Administrative Faculty - Professor of Sociology and Department Head


Sociology and Gender Studies


Ph.D in Sociology, University of California, San Diego; M.A. in Sociology, University of California, San Diego; A.B in Sociology, San Diego State University

Research Interests

Gender and Development, Masculinities, Qualitative Sociology

Teaching Interests

Qualitiative Methods, Sociological Theory, Introduction to Sociology, Social Psychology


Key Administrative Accomplishments as Department Chair • Facilitated the development and implementation of an internship coordinator position, creating a vibrant and sought after internship program across departmental disciplines. • Facilitated development and implementation of criminology advisor position, significantly reducing advising pressure on faculty and increasing quality of advising. • Secured two new faculty positions for the criminology program • Oversaw department move to newly renovated building • Developed a College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Alternative Scholarship Policy for Tenured Professors Key Administrative Accomplishments as American Council of Education Fellow, University of Iowa • Participated in the administration of interdisciplinary cluster initiative by drafting an evaluation plan, reviewing proposals, researching national best practices • Participated in developing systems to implement new post tenure review policy by o meeting with faculty leaders, administration, general counsel, and departmental executive officers o researching national best practices o contributing to development of workshops on policy implementation •Researched national best practices for state-wide STEM initiatives and the efficacy of regional network systems for STEM education led by universities • Coordinated committee which facilitated UI grant proposals for state-wide scale up STEM projects Key Administrative Accomplishments as Director of Women’s and Gender Studies • Secured significant gifts to Women’s and Gender Studies Program. $500,000 bequest and $5,000 lecture fund • Co-chaired Task Force directed to evaluate all academic programs at University of Northern Iowa • Chaired Task Force directed to identify assessment criteria and develop assessment instruments to evaluate all University of Northern Iowa’s academic programs • Oversaw administration, curriculum, and campus and community programming for Women’s and Gender Studies Program • Served on University of Northern Iowa’s Graduate Program Quality Task Force • Directed reorganization of Women’s and Gender Studies leadership structure • Implemented strategic plan and student outcomes assessment procedures for Women’s and Gender Studies Program. • Oversaw development of new website for Women’s and Gender Studies • Oversaw creation and implementation of Graduate Certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies • Served on Executive Vice-President and Provost search committee • Led review of College of Social and Behavioral Sciences department head • Member of Sabin Hall Renovation Committee, oversaw design and move to renovated Sabin Hall Key Administrative Accomplishments as Associate Dean of College of Social and Behavioral Sciences • Coordinated the development and implementation of college-wide faculty development initiatives including faculty resource guides, first year summer grants, writing groups, and summer institutes • Established interdisciplinary faculty forms to encourage interdisciplinary research and teaching college- and university-wide • Oversaw community outreach events • Chaired review committee of the liberal arts core, social science category • Supervised information technology personnel and responsible for policies, procedures, and equipment for college information technology. Participated in university-wide policy and procedures for information technology • Co-directed “New Immigrant Travel Seminar” in which selected faculty with a group of community leaders explored the subject of new immigration to Iowa through an on-campus seminar and a trip to central Mexico • Responsible for college portion of NCA accreditation report • Co-directed evaluation of the future direction for the academic divisions for the University Strategic Planning Committee • Oversaw development of new website • Coordinated swing space and move of Department of Geography to new building

Selected Publications

Baker, Phyllis L. and Doug R. Hotek.  Grappling with Gender:  “Exploring Masculinity and Gender in the Bodies, Performances, and Emotions of Scholastic Wrestlers”. Journal of Feminist Scholarship.  vol. 1 (pp. 49-64), 2011.

Baker, Phyllis L. "It Is the Only Way I Can Survive: Gender Paradox among Recent Mexican Immigrants to Iowa" Sociological Perspectives, 47(4), (pp. 393-408), 2004.

Hotek, Doug R. and Phyllis L. Baker "Tomorrow`s Industrial Workers: A Career and Technical Skills Assessment of Recent Mexican Immigrants in Rural Iowa" Race, Gender, and Class: An Interdisciplinary and Multicultural Journal. 11(3), (pp. 127-139), 2004.

Baker, Phyllis L. and Doug R. Hotek. "Perhaps a Blessing: Skills and Contributions of Recent Mexican Immigrants in the Rural Midwest" Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences, vol. 25(4), (pp. 448-468), Nov. 2003.

Baker, Phyllis L. and Siqin Yang. "Hitting and Missing the Mark: Feminist Inquiry and Pedagogy in the United States Women`s Graduate Programs." International Journal of Women`s Studies, vol 2:(2), (pp. 89-108), May 2001.

Courses Taught

Social Psychology, Qualitative Methods, Feminist Theory, Introduction to Sociology, Women, Men, and Society, Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies


Bartlett 1126