College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology

Richard Featherstone

Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology
Faculty - Associate Professor of Criminology

CSBS Office of the Dean
Administrative Faculty - Coordinator of Outreach & Community Engagement, CSBS


Criminology and Sociology


Ph.D., Criminology Specialization, Purdue University; MS, Sociology, Purdue University; MA, Theology, Western Seminary; BA, Sociology, Oregon State University

Research Interests

Policing, Juvenile Delinquency, Crime Analysis, Sociology of Religion

Selected Publications

Wrede, Clint and Richard Featherstone. 2012. “Striking Out on Its Own: The Divergence of Criminology and Criminal Justice from Sociology.” Journal of Criminal Justice Education 23:103-125.

Mack, Kristin, Michael Leiber, and Richard Featherstone. 2009. “Family Structure, Family Processes, Economic Factors and Delinquency: Similarities and Differences by Race and Ethnicity.” Journal of Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice 7:79-99.

Deflem, Mathieu, Richard Featherstone, Suzanne Sutphin, and Yunqing Li. 2008. “Policing the Pearl: Historical Transformations of Law Enforcement in Hong Kong.” International Journal of Police Science and Management 10:349-356.

Featherstone, Richard and Katie Sorrell. 2007. “Sociology Dismissing Religion? The Presentation of Religious Change in Introductory Sociology Textbooks” The American Sociologist 38:78-98.

Mack, Kristin, Michael Leiber, Richard Featherstone, and Maria Monserud. 2007. "Reassessing the family-delinquency association: Do family type, family processes, and economic factors make a difference?" Journal of Criminal Justice 35:51-67.

Muzzatti, Stephen and Richard Featherstone. 2007. "Crosshairs on Our Backs: The Culture of Fear and the Production of the DC Sniper Story." Contemporary Justice Review 10:43-66.

Featherstone, Richard. 2007. "Police." In The American Midwest: An Interpretative Encyclopedia, eds. Richard Sisson, Christian Zacher, and Andrew Cayton. Bloomington, IN: Indiana Univ. Press.

Featherstone, Richard. 2005. Narratives from the 1971 Attica Prison Riot: Towards a New Theory of Correctional Disturbances. Lewiston, NY: Edwin Mellen Press.

Featherstone, Richard and Mathieu Deflem. 2003. "Anomie and Strain: Context and Consequences of Merton`s Two Theories." Sociological Inquiry 73:471-489.

Featherstone, Richard. 2001. "Compliance as Dissidence: Young Catholics and Sexual Ethics." Sociological Focus 34:139-154.

Courses Taught

Crime Analysis

Police and Society

Juvenile Justice

Sociology of Religion


Sabin 309