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  1. The Internship (PUB POL 6281), is four hours credit. Consult the Director or Associate Director concerning what semester you should enroll in this course. If you are enrolling for the summer, and you have had a tuition scholarship during the previous year, you may apply to the Gradute College for a summer tuition scholarship.
  2. Unpaid internships run for a minimum of six weeks, at 20 hours per week. These can be started immediately after the spring semester ends and should be completed as early in the summer as possible, unless circumstances dictate a later time.
  3. There are occasional paid internships available, and these often last for the entire summer. However, keep in mind that the primary criterion for selecting an internship should be its value to the student's program, not whether it is paid.
  4. The final decision as to placement rests with the Director or Associate Director, not the student. Every effort will be made to obtain an internship that matches the student's interests, and students may investigate internship possibilities on their own. However, the student should make no commitments to an internship without first consulting the Director.
  5. Each student will be asked to set up a preliminary interview with their potential internship employer. This gives an opportunity for student ane employer to get to know each other and to see if the work to be done matches her/his interests. Students are expected to set up these interviews promptly after having been notified of the possible placement. Students are also expected to behave professionally with regard to these interviews, including showing up on time and dressing appropriately. The student must then complete the Internship Agreement Form and submit it to the Director.
  6. On campus placements will be granted only as a last resort, unless it is with a university department doing outside consulting, such as the Institute for Decision Making or the Iowa Waste Reduction Center. The purpose of the internship is for the sutdent to experice the world outside the university.
  7. Placements in the public or non-profit sectors are preferable to placements in the private sector, all other things being equal.
  8. Written requirements for completion of the internship:
    1. The intern's supervisor must fill out and return the Intern Evaluation Form, before a grade will be given.
    2. The intern must write a brief essay summarizing the work done for the internship and give her/his reactions to     the internship experience.
    3. The intern must complete some distinct project for the employer, utilizing her/his policy analysis skills. If this project results in a written report, a copy of this should be submitted to the Director. If there is no written report, a section should be added to the essay, describing the project done.
    4. The intern must complete a Role Analysis of someone working at the agency at which the internship is done. A sheet describing how this is to be done will be supplied by the Director.