Accelerated Masters in Public Policy Program

Many students at UNI want to utilize their talents to improve their community, their state, their nation, and the world, but they sometimes wonder how best to do that. The masters in Public Policy offers students the tools they need to assume effective and meaningful positions with public or non-profit organizations that serve the community.

Our graduates have served, among other things, as grant writers for human service agencies, directors of health agencies, directors of economic development agencies, and researchers for national public service organizations.

The accelerated MPP Program allows you to complete both your BA degree and your MPP degree in five years! Because the MPP is interdisciplinary, it normally takes two years after the BA to complete. If you enroll as a candidate for the Accelerated MPP, you will take some required courses as an undergraduate. This enables you to complete the MPP in only one additional year after your BA.

Here's how it works:

Take the following courses for undergraduate credit but with a contract to complete the extra work normally required of graduate students:

POL AMER 5173:  The Public Policy Process
POL AMER 5153:  Public Organizations
ECON 5221:  Public Finance
ECON 5229:   Cost Benefit Analysis

(Note: These courses have prerequisites, which must also be taken.)

Take the following courses for graduate credit in the last semester of your senior year, as permitted by the UNI Catalog:

PUB POL 6275:   Quantitative Methods for Politics and Policy
HIST 6020:  History and U.S. Public Policy
PUB POL 6205:  Research Seminar in Public Policy (1 hour course)

Complete the rest of the MPP requirements, including four elective courses in a policy area of the student's choosing, in the first year of graduate work, receiving the MPP at the end of that year.

You must have an undergraduate GPA of 3.4 or better to enroll as a candidate for the Accelerated MPP. You should sign up as early as possible in your undergraduate studies, to ensure that you have the time and flexibility to complete the courses.

For more information, contact Carol Weisenberger, MPP Director at 319-273-2910 or